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10 Ways to Keep Disciplined in Business so You Don’t Give Up

by Charleen Montano May 10, 2022

“Discipline is the bridge between goals and accomplishments.”

– Jim Rohn

Rome wasn’t built in a day, and your business won’t be either. It takes time, effort, dedication, and, most importantly, self-discipline when you’re trying to launch a successful business.

It’s no secret that business owners have to deal with a lot of stress. It can be overwhelming, from juggling a million things at once to working long hours. Trust me– I feel you.

But if you don’t have the discipline to stay organized, prioritize, and manage your time, you’ll never make it– come on, it’s pretty obvious.

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I know you feel powerless when your business doesn’t grow, despite your ideas, efforts, and hard work. You don’t have a crystal ball to foresee what the future holds for you, but you can definitely take steps towards taking control of your business right now.

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Now, it is well-known that you need to be self-disciplined to achieve success. In your business, it’s crucial, though.

You see, the good thing about being rich isn’t getting rich but staying rich.

But how do you stay rich?

You got it by being disciplined.

Let’s dig deeper…..

What is Discipline in Business?

Discipline is the ability to do what you should do when you should do it, whether you feel like it or not– that is the simplest definition you could ever have.

When it comes to business, discipline is one of the most important traits a person can have. Discipline is what allows you to stay focused on your goals and keep moving forward even when it gets tough. Without discipline, you will not be able to reach your full potential or accomplish anything worthwhile in life.

In business, discipline comes from a commitment to vision and values. It comes from having a purpose greater than ourselves that we strive to achieve regardless of obstacles or challenges. It comes from having a clear strategy that we follow every day as we make decisions about how we spend our time, energy, and money.

Discipline comes from having the courage to say “no” when it’s right for our business, even if it means disappointing others around us, such as customers or suppliers or even family members or friends who want us to do something else instead of what we need to do for our business right now!

How Important is Discipline to Your Business?

A business without self-discipline is a sinking ship.

Discipline is one of the most essential things in business, but it’s also one of the hardest to achieve.

Discipline is what allows you to run a business on autopilot and spend more time on things that really matter. It’s what allows you to focus on doing your work instead of getting distracted by other tasks or anything.

But discipline is not just about efficiency– it’s also about prioritizing the right things in life. If you don’t have discipline, you’ll be constantly tempted by shiny objects that have nothing to do with your business or personal goals.

The point is: to gain control over your time so that you’re able to focus on what matters most.

If I were to write an article about why discipline is crucial in every business, I’d have to spend my entire writing career to accomplish it– no? Ok. The reason for this is actually obvious since I assume that you, reading this blog, was not born yesterday, right? I’m right!

Anyhow, here are just a few:

1). Discipline helps you get things done and complete tasks. Without it, you’ll have trouble finishing your work on time and in good quality.

2). Discipline helps you avoid procrastination. When you have a task before you and know that it must be completed, there’s no more time for procrastination or excuses not to get started. You just do what needs to be done.

 3). Discipline helps keep distractions at bay so that you can focus on what needs doing at this moment and complete tasks faster than someone who doesn’t have discipline would be able to do so.

Gaining discipline is often a problem for budding entrepreneurs. While it’s certainly taking the first step, discipline is not the most common reason why small business owners succeed or fail. In fact, discipline is just a stepping stone to true success. What you must do is figure out where you want your business to be and go there deliberately with a short-term goal and long-term plan.

10 Ways to Keep Disciplined in Business

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It is no surprise that entrepreneurs have a hard time staying disciplined. That’s because we’re both blessed and cursed by the fact that we are dreamers, which is both a blessing and a curse in itself.

We’re blessed because we believe in our idea(s), which can often be the difference between success and failure. But, on the flip side, it means that if you don’t keep your head up, then you run the risk of giving up.


If you want to succeed in business, you need to surround yourself with positive people.

I know it sounds cliché, but come on, it’s true.

Negative people can be toxic. They’ll drag you down and make you feel bad about yourself and your work.

But here’s the thing: You don’t need to avoid everyone whose negative—just the ones who are constantly complaining about their lives and the world around them. And, of course, the one who doesn’t believe in you.

 It’s natural for us humans to complain about one thing or another. Still, if someone is constantly whining about negative things happening in their life or the world, then they’re probably bringing that negativity into your life as well.

Our advice is simple: Avoid talking with people who don’t believe in what you can achieve and people who only talk about what’s wrong with their lives or how bad things are going for people or your business.


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Study sales, marketing, business, how to improve your products and services, how to improve customer service, and any other skill that will help you perform better in your business daily. Staying disciplined and successful requires knowledge.

“If you don’t know what you are doing and believe in it, then it’s almost impossible to stay disciplined.”

– Jose Silvera

That means you have to do what it takes to keep moving forward. A lot of people will tell you that you need to be passionate about what you do if you want to be successful in business. While passion is important, it’s not enough. You also have to be disciplined and keep learning new things.

Discipline is the ability to follow through on commitments and obligations even when they’re inconvenient or uncomfortable. It’s not easy, but it’s necessary if you want to build a successful business.

The most successful entrepreneurs know this, and they invest their time learning new skills and developing a solid foundation for their businesses.

There are many ways of learning and improving yourself as an entrepreneur. You can read books, listen to podcasts or watch videos on the internet. You can attend training or seminars where experts share their knowledge with you.

And of course, make use of technology by– online courses, e-books, et cetera.


One of the steps to staying disciplined in your business is to follow up with customers consistently, and not following up is the fastest way to lose credibility in your business.  

The first step is to have a list of customers you want to follow up with. The next step is to create a follow-up schedule and then stick to it.

For example, you can send out an email or message to all of your customers two weeks after purchasing from your store. This will allow you to remind them about your brand and products while also giving them some time to check out the product they bought from you.

If a customer has not yet purchased anything from your store, you can send them a pitch for a different product they may be interested in purchasing.

By following up with customers consistently like this, you are more likely to make more sales and improve customer satisfaction levels because they will feel like you care about them as people rather than just seeing them as dollar signs.


The key is to find a balance between work-life balance and productivity. Don’t waste time on unproductive activities or group chats. If you want to get results in your business, focus on what is important for you – family or not family-related activities.

I know, I know.

This is a very hard task to do.

It’s not easy to sacrifice some things in your life and leave them behind. But if you want to be successful in life, you have to make sacrifices.

If you want to be successful with your business and make money online, then you have to give up other things in your life that do not bring value to your business or personal life.

If you want to grow as a person, then you have to sacrifice all the things in your life that are not as important for you as growing as a person.

For example, if you have a bad habit such as smoking or drinking, then cut down on that or completely quit it for good. You will be surprised how much more productive you will become if you stop doing those things.

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I am not saying that these habits are bad, but they can be very distracting if you try to build a business from scratch or grow an existing one.

Don’t give up on yourself even if, at first, everything seems impossible because when you think about it again, there is always a way out!


 If you want to build a successful business, you need to understand that it’s not just about getting up in the morning and working.

And if you want to succeed in your business, you need to treat it like a job — with the same level of commitment and focus that you would give to any other job.

Avoid using phones except for business during your business hours and stay away from any possible things that could ruin your focus on what you’re doing.  Avoid talking or chatting to anyone except when it is as important as your business matter.

And no matter what happens, don’t use social media sites like Facebook or Twitter during working hours unless they are related to your business, or they are used for marketing purposes. These sites can be very distracting and pull away from any progress you may have made that day.


Prioritizing your activities is a key skill for increasing your productivity. It can help you be more effective at work and in your personal life.

The first step is to define your goals. You may have several goals but only one or two that are most important. Write down your top three priorities, then focus on them one at a time until they are complete.

Once you have defined your goals and prioritized them, you need to evaluate how much time each activity will take. If an activity takes less than 15 minutes, do it right away. For activities that take between 15 and 60 minutes, schedule them in blocks of time with other tasks that are closely related or dependent on each other (e.g., research and writing). If an activity will take more than 60 minutes to complete, break it down into smaller chunks or use a project management tool like Trello or Asana to organize all of the tasks involved in completing it into manageable chunks that fit into your schedule over time according to their due dates, so you aren’t overwhelmed when trying to remember everything you need to do at once!


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If you want to go somewhere, you have to start walking. If you’re going to get something done, you have to start doing it.

“Don’t think about what you don’t have available and haven’t been able to accomplish yet; apply what you have and know consistently. Going over everything you don’t have will make you feel bad, especially at the beginning since you don’t have a lot of things.”

But if you focus on what is already there and start applying it consistently over time, then it will grow into something much bigger than what was there at first.

This is why I always tell people that if they want to be successful in life or any business venture, they should first start with one thing and then move on from there one step at a time until they reach their goal or objective.

For example, if someone wants to lose weight, they need to stop eating junk food and eat healthy foods instead (this is just an example). The person might not be able to do it right away, but if he keeps trying day after day, he will eventually succeed because it doesn’t take much time for something small like this.


Comparing yourself with others is a dangerous game.

You are your own competition.

You are not the same as your competitors.

You may be in the same industry, but your circumstances are different. You might have started your business earlier or later than them. You might have more money or less money to spend than them. Your marketing budget might be bigger or smaller than theirs. Your website might be better designed or worse designed than theirs.

You’re in a different location, with a different audience and different competitors. In short: you’re not the same as your competitors!

If someone else is doing better than you, don’t compare to them because their situation is completely different.

No one can tell you exactly how long it will take to get to where you want to be.

Some people start a business, and a year later, they sell it for big money and retire. Others start the same company and spend years building it up before it’s successful enough to sell for big money.

There are many variables in play when it comes to business success: your industry, your circumstances, your resources, and even luck. So please don’t compare yourself with others or look down on their success because their situation may be completely different from yours.

The best way to gauge how long it will take you to succeed is by asking yourself this question: “If I were going to quit my job tomorrow, would this business provide me with enough income so that I would not need my old job anymore?” If yes, then you’re on track!


I’m not saying you shouldn’t work hard, but saying that it’s better to work smartly than harder because if you work harder without knowing what to do or how to do it, then it’s just like adding more hours and burning out.

For example, if I wanted to learn how to play the piano but had no idea where my fingers go on the keys, it would be really painful for me (and maybe other people around me).

But if I knew what key on the piano corresponded with each finger, it would be easy for me to practice and learn how to play the piano.

When starting a new business, everyone wants to make it big fast. We want to be rich and famous in a month. We want our first sale in 24 hours. We want to make $1 million in our first year.

It’s all good to have dreams like that, but the reality is that even if you have the most unique business idea in the world, it will take time for people to notice and appreciate it.

Working smarter than harder doesn’t mean being lazy or not working at all. Still, it means learning from other people’s experiences– accept you are a rookie and get your hands on books, courses, videos like we do, etc. that way, you will know what you are doing, and you will have success.


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Be patient, take your time, and don’t panic.

Yes, there will be moments where you feel like giving up on your business. You will feel like it is not going anywhere, but you will want to keep pushing forward when you look back at how far you have come.

The key is to stay consistent with the actions working for you and stop wasting time on things that aren’t working.

Be patient, take your time, and don’t panic.

You will get there, just keep pushing forward!

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