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Navigating the Digital World: How to Find Peace of Mind in Web Design and Digital Marketing Services

In today’s fast-paced digital landscape, establishing a strong online presence is essential for businesses and individuals alike. From websites that serve as virtual storefronts to digital marketing strategies that drive engagement, the digital world offers tremendous opportunities. However, it’s also a realm that can evoke a range of worries and concerns, especially for those embarking on the journey for the first time. In this blog post, we’ll explore some of the common concerns that prospective clients often have when considering web design and digital marketing services and offer insights on how to find peace of mind in this dynamic space.

At Strive Enterprise, we’re your silent companions on the path to digital peace. Together, we can explore how our expertise can transform concerns into confidence, and hesitation into harmonious success in the digital sphere!

The Budget Worries

Concern: One of the most common worries is the budget. Clients often wonder if they can afford professional web design and digital marketing services, especially if they’re a small business or a startup.

Solution: It’s essential to recognize that digital services come in a variety of price ranges. The key is to align your budget with your goals. Start with a clear understanding of what you want to achieve and find a service provider that offers scalable solutions. Remember, digital marketing can be highly cost-effective when executed strategically, delivering a strong return on investment (ROI).

The ROI Question

Concern: Clients often question the return on investment for web design and digital marketing services. They wonder if the money they invest will translate into tangible results.

Solution: ROI is a legitimate concern, but it’s essential to view it in the long term. Digital marketing, when done right, can yield substantial ROI. Look for a service provider that can provide case studies or references to demonstrate their track record. Moreover, define clear, measurable goals and ensure they align with your business objectives. Transparency and data-driven strategies can help you track progress and gauge the impact of your investment.

The Complexity Conundrum

Concern: The digital world can seem complex and overwhelming. Clients worry about navigating the intricacies of web design, SEO, PPC advertising, and other digital marketing strategies.

Solution: Digital marketing can indeed be intricate, but you don’t have to go it alone. Seek a service provider that offers guidance and education throughout the process. A good partner will explain the complexities in simple terms and involve you in decision-making. You don’t need to be a digital expert; you just need a trusted guide.

Transparency and Trust

Concern: Clients may fear a lack of transparency in digital marketing services. They worry about hidden costs, undisclosed strategies, and uncertain outcomes.

Solution: Transparency should be a non-negotiable factor in your partnership. Look for a service provider that provides clear, itemized pricing and a breakdown of services. Ask for regular reports and updates on progress. A trustworthy provider will have nothing to hide and will welcome your questions.

Achieving Desired Results

Concern: The ultimate worry is whether the services will deliver the desired results. Clients fear investing time and resources without seeing their online presence grow.

Solution: Finding the right partner is crucial to achieving desired results. Look for a service provider with a proven track record and a portfolio of successful projects. Ask for references and case studies. Additionally, communicate your goals and expectations clearly from the beginning. A good provider will tailor strategies to align with your objectives.

At Strive Enterprise, we are dedicated to turning your concerns about achieving your desired results into successful outcomes. Hand-in-hand, we can discover how our time-tested strategies and customized approach can propel you towards your online objectives.

Finding Peace of Mind in the Digital World

  • Seek Recommendations: Ask for recommendations from peers or industry associations. Word of mouth is a powerful indicator of a service provider’s reliability.
  • Check Reviews: Look for online reviews and testimonials. Feedback from previous clients can provide valuable insights into the service provider’s performance.
  • Inquire About Experience: Don’t hesitate to ask about the service provider’s experience in your industry or niche. Experience often translates into a better understanding of your specific needs.
  • Evaluate Communication: Assess the provider’s communication style and responsiveness. Effective communication is key to a successful partnership.
  • Request a Consultation: Many service providers offer free consultations. Take advantage of this opportunity to discuss your concerns, goals, and expectations in detail.
  • Review Contracts Carefully: Before committing, review service agreements carefully. Ensure they outline services, timelines, pricing, and expectations clearly.
  • Start Small: If you’re unsure, consider starting with a smaller project to gauge the service provider’s capabilities and reliability.

The digital world is undoubtedly complex, but it’s also a realm of boundless opportunities. Your peace of mind in web design and digital marketing services can be achieved through careful planning, education, transparency, and choosing the right partner.

At Strive Enterprise, we understand the worries and concerns that can come with venturing into the digital landscape. Our team is dedicated to addressing these concerns and empowering you to navigate the digital world with confidence. We offer scalable solutions that align with your budget and goals, ensuring that you receive a strong ROI on your investment. Our transparent communication and data-driven strategies provide clarity and peace of mind as we work together to achieve your desired results.

In your quest for peace of mind in web design and digital marketing services, don’t hesitate to reach out to us. We are experienced professionals who can provide guidance, support, and a customized approach to help you succeed in the digital age. The digital landscape is full of potential, and with Strive Enterprise as your partner, you can harness it to achieve your goals and thrive online.


“Why Do I Need a Website if I Have Social Media?” Dallas Web Design vs Social Media for Business

In the era of social media dominance, you might be wondering, “Do I really need a website if I have a strong presence on platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter?” It’s a valid question, but one that deserves careful consideration. While social media is undoubtedly a powerful tool for connecting with your audience, building a brand, and driving engagement, it shouldn’t be a substitute for having your own website. In this blog post, we’ll explore the reasons why a website is still essential, even in the age of social media.

Elevate your digital strategy with Dallas Web Design at Strive Enterprise, where we blend the art of web design with the science of digital marketing. Hop on a transformative journey that transcends the limits of social media and unlocks the true potential of your brand online with the help of a trusted Dallas website design agency!

1. Ownership and Control

Your Digital Headquarters: Your website is like your digital headquarters. It’s the one place on the internet that you own and control entirely. Unlike social media platforms, where rules and algorithms can change at any moment, your website is yours to design, manage, and customize as you see fit. You have full control over the content, design, and user experience.

No Algorithmic Limitations: Social media platforms use algorithms to determine what content is shown to your followers. With a website, you don’t have to worry about your content getting lost in a crowded feed or facing restrictions due to platform policies. Your website’s content is always accessible to visitors.

2. Credibility and Professionalism

Online Credibility: Having a website lends credibility to your brand. It shows that you’re serious about your business or endeavor. A well-designed website with professional content and contact information instills trust in your audience. It’s a place where potential customers or partners can go to learn more about you in a structured and professional manner.

Branding Control: Your website allows you to create a cohesive and branded online presence. You can align your website’s design, colors, and messaging with your brand identity, ensuring consistency across all touchpoints.

Here at Strive Enterprise, we help boost a brand’s credibility and establish trust with their audience through Dallas Web Design. As a trusted Dallas website design agency, we always work together with our clients to create a professional and credible online presence that aligns perfectly with their brand identity.

3. Content Ownership and Longevity

Content Preservation: On social media, your posts may disappear over time, buried by newer content. On your website, you have the ability to create an archive of your content, making it accessible for years to come. This not only helps with SEO but also allows you to showcase your journey and accomplishments over time.

Evergreen Content: Websites are perfect for hosting evergreen content such as blog posts, articles, and resources. These pieces can continue to attract organic traffic and provide value to your audience long after they’re published.

4. Search Engine Visibility

SEO Benefits: Search engines like Google favor websites when it comes to ranking content. A well-optimized website with quality content can rank higher in search engine results pages (SERPs). This means more people can discover your business or content through organic search, expanding your reach beyond your social media followers.

5. Customization and Flexibility

Tailored User Experience: Your website allows you to create a tailored user experience. You can design landing pages, interactive features, and e-commerce capabilities that align with your specific goals. This level of customization is often limited to social media platforms.

6. Data and Analytics

In-Depth Insights: Websites provide you with detailed analytics about your visitors. You can track user behavior, demographics, and engagement metrics. These insights help you understand your audience better and make data-driven decisions to improve your online strategy.

7. E-Commerce and Monetization

Direct Sales: If you sell products or services, a website offers a direct platform for e-commerce. You have full control over your sales process, payment gateways, and customer interactions. It’s an essential tool for businesses looking to sell online.

Monetization Opportunities: For bloggers, content creators, and entrepreneurs, websites offer various monetization opportunities, from affiliate marketing to ad revenue. You can diversify your income streams beyond what social media platforms provide.

8. Ownership of Customer Relationships

Direct Communication: With a website, you can collect visitor information and build your email list. This allows you to communicate directly with your audience, nurturing relationships and keeping them informed about your latest updates, products, or offers.

9. Privacy and Data Control

Data Security: You have control over user data and privacy on your website, ensuring that you comply with data protection regulations. This is crucial for safeguarding your reputation and building trust with your audience.

10. Future-Proofing Your Presence

Adaptability: While social media platforms come and go, your website remains a constant. It serves as a hub that can adapt to changing trends and integrate with new technologies. You can seamlessly incorporate social media feeds, plugins, and integrations into your website.

If you’re prepared to make your website a dynamic hub that adapts to trends and integrates new technologies effortlessly, Dallas website design agency Strive Enterprise is the perfect partner as we always communicate properly—your dream design + our magic = your website’s enhanced adaptability and staying ahead of the digital curve!

At Dallas Web Design agency Strive Enterprise, we’re committed to helping you achieve your online goals. With a team of experts led by our founder, Jose Silvera, boasting over nine years of industry experience, we offer comprehensive web design and SEO services.

Our dedication to excellence and recognition in the form of international awards set us apart as a leading Dallas website design agency. We specialize in tailoring solutions to your unique needs, ensuring your digital presence stands out. If you’re ready to enhance your online presence and achieve digital success, contact us today.


15 Signs That You Are Talking to a Good Las Vegas Website Design Agency

In the digital age, your website is often the first point of contact between your business and potential customers. It serves as your virtual storefront, a reflection of your brand, and a powerful marketing tool. Therefore, when it comes to Las Vegas website design, you want nothing but the best. But how can you tell if you’re talking to a good Las Vegas website design agency? We’ve got you covered with an in-depth guide to help you identify the signs of a top-notch Las Vegas web design partner.

Ready to transform your online presence? Your journey to exceptional web design starts here. Join forces with Strive Enterprise, where innovation meets design excellence—embark on a digital transformation that will set your brand apart in the digital arena!

1. A Stellar Portfolio: The Proof Is in the Pudding

A good Las Vegas website design agency will proudly showcase its portfolio of past projects. Take the time to explore their previous work in detail. Look for diversity in design styles and industries served. A portfolio should reflect creativity, innovation, and the ability to tailor designs to the unique needs of each client. Pay attention to the user experience (UX) in the showcased websites. A well-designed site should be intuitive and easy to navigate.

2. Client Testimonials and Reviews: Real-World Feedback

Client feedback is invaluable. Check for client testimonials and reviews on the agency’s website, Google, or social media platforms. Positive reviews and satisfied clients are strong indicators of a reputable Las Vegas website design agency. Dive deeper by reading the content of the reviews. Are clients praising the agency’s communication, responsiveness, and problem-solving skills? These factors are often just as important as design prowess.

At Strive Enterprise, we take pride in our long list of satisfied clients and positive reviews. Our commitment to communication, responsiveness, and delivering exceptional results sets us apart as a trusted Website Design Las Vegas agency.

3. Clear and Open Communication: The Foundation of Success

Effective communication is paramount to a successful web design project. A good agency will be transparent about their processes, timelines, and costs. They will listen to your ideas and goals and provide clear explanations of their strategies. Look for an agency that asks questions about your business, target audience, and objectives. Their understanding of your needs will shape the success of your project.

4. Comprehensive Services: Beyond Aesthetics

Website design is more than just aesthetics. It involves user experience (UX) design, responsive design for mobile devices, SEO optimization, content strategy, and more. A good agency offers a comprehensive suite of services to ensure your website not only looks great but also performs well and ranks high on search engines. They should be well-versed in the latest design trends and digital marketing strategies.

5. Customization: Tailored to Your Business

One size does not fit all when it comes to web design. A reputable agency will tailor their designs to your specific business needs and target audience. They won’t rely on cookie-cutter templates but will create a unique online presence for your brand. Customization goes beyond aesthetics; it involves understanding your brand’s identity and values.

6. SEO Expertise: Visibility in the Digital Jungle

A well-designed website is only effective if it can be found online. A good agency understands the importance of search engine optimization (SEO) and will incorporate SEO best practices into your site’s design and content. They should conduct thorough keyword research, optimize meta tags, and ensure your site is structured for search engine visibility.

7. Mobile Responsiveness: Where the World Is Heading

With the majority of internet traffic coming from mobile devices, it’s essential that your website is mobile-responsive. A good Las Vegas Web Design agency like Strive Enterprise ensures that your site looks and functions flawlessly on smartphones and tablets. This includes optimizing images and content for smaller screens and providing an intuitive touch experience.

8. Up-to-Date Technology: Staying Ahead of the Curve

The digital landscape evolves rapidly, and your website should stay up-to-date with the latest technologies. A good agency stays ahead of the curve and can integrate new features and trends seamlessly into your site. They should be familiar with emerging technologies such as Progressive Web Apps (PWAs), chatbots, and artificial intelligence.

9. Strong Project Management: Timely Completion

The timely completion of your project is crucial. A good agency will have a well-defined project management process in place, ensuring that your website is delivered on time and within budget. They should provide you with a clear project timeline, milestones, and regular updates on progress.

10. Ongoing Support and Maintenance: Beyond the Launch

Your relationship with a Las Vegas website design agency shouldn’t end when your site goes live. Look for an agency that offers ongoing support, maintenance, and updates to keep your website running smoothly. Regular updates are essential for security, bug fixes, and keeping your content fresh.

Just like how we do things here at Strive Enterprise: making our Clients experience ongoing excellence. We’re committed to providing continuous support to ensure your website stays secure, updated, and vibrant. If you’re seeking a web design partner who values long-term relationships and ongoing excellence, we can embark on a journey of digital growth together!

11. Competitive Pricing: Quality Comes at a Price

While quality comes at a price, a good agency offers competitive pricing without compromising on the quality of their work. Be cautious of agencies that significantly undercut the market, as this can be a red flag. A transparent pricing structure with no hidden fees is a sign of professionalism.

12. Legal and Ethical Practices: Respecting the Rules

Ensure the agency adheres to legal and ethical standards. They should respect copyright laws, provide proper attribution for images and content, and use licensed software. Ethical practices build trust and protect your business from potential legal issues.

13. Results-Oriented: Measuring Impact

Ultimately, a good website design agency is results-oriented. They measure success by the impact your website has on your business, whether that’s increased traffic, higher conversion rates, improved brand recognition, or better user engagement. They should be able to provide data-driven insights into the performance of your site.

14. Accessible Portfolio: Inclusive Design

Check if the agency’s portfolio includes accessible websites. Accessibility ensures that all users, including those with disabilities, can navigate and interact with your site. An inclusive design approach not only benefits users but also enhances your brand’s reputation.

15. Personality Fit: A Harmonious Partnership

Last but not least, consider the personality fit between your business and the agency. A good working relationship is built on trust, respect, and collaboration. You should feel comfortable discussing ideas, providing feedback, and working together toward common goals.

In conclusion, choosing a Website Design Las Vegas agency is a pivotal decision for your business. By evaluating these key factors in-depth, you can confidently identify whether you are talking to a good Las Vegas Web Design agency. Remember, your website is an investment in your brand’s future, so it’s essential to partner with a team that can turn your online vision into a reality.

In your pursuit of a top-tier website design agency, consider Strive Enterprise. As an award-winning company with a proven track record, we are dedicated to helping businesses thrive online in the realm of Las Vegas Web Design.

At Strive Enterprise, we bring expertise, dedication to excellence, and a commitment to customization to every project. Whether you’re looking for web design, SEO services, or comprehensive digital marketing solutions in the context of Website Design Las Vegas agency, we’re here to empower your digital journey. Contact us today to take your online presence to the next level with Strive Enterprise.


10 Things Your Small Business Website Should Have In 2021

by Jose Silvera July 25, 2021


I wrote this blog post based on my most successful YouTube video, which got over a 1000 views when I had only 20 some subscribers, these 10 things that every great website has, are a definite must for your business’s website if you are serious about growing and expanding it to reach its fullest potential. This blog post is straightforward but its intrinsic value is worth millions of dollars, and maybe even more, I’ve used the content of this blog post to improve my own website and each one of my client’s websites, some of these businesses have seen even a 120% increase in visitors, conversions and sales.

These are proven techniques based on buyer’s psychology, sales fundamentals, and professional prospecting strategies. Don’t take any of these ten things lightly or underestimate their potential to lead customers and visitors to do what you want them to do or buying your products and services. If you already pay for digital advertisement or have a decent or great SEO, you will see an almost immediate increase on incoming phone calls, emails, and revenue, so much that you won’t even believe it like most of my clients when I apply them to their website.

If you are wondering who is this guy Jose Silvera and how is he so good and I don’t know about him, well that’s totally normal and it’s not your fault but mine, you see I have been behind the scene most of my career as a Web Designer and Digital Marketer, I’ve worked for other companies as an employee and helped other small and medium-sized businesses on the side for almost 6 years, it was until May 2019 when I decided to start my own company while I was still a full time employee making websites, managing them, doing marketing research on different industries, creating marketing campaigns on Google, Bing, Facebook & Instagram Ads, Graphic Design, Social Media, SEO… you name it and I have done it if it’s related to the internet!

Some of my biggest professional and personal achievements until now include:

  1. Got businesses with $80K a month in sales, all the way up to $230K+ in monthly sales.
  2. Reduced Google Ads cost per click for client’s accounts from $10-7 all the way down to $2.5 and even from $5 to $0.5 in some amazing cases.
  3. Manage Over $250K a year in Digital Advertisement and counting (only in Las Vegas).
  4. Built websites that are valued $60K and more today.
  5. Helped dozens of businesses over the world to dominate their sector.
  6. Gave work to people that needed it the most and have found a career and a better way of living.
  7. Helped Charities.

By the time I’m writing this blog post (2019),
I currently manage over $250K on Digital Advertisement with only 1 year in business and this number keeps growing every single day.

My main goal when doing anything for my clients is never to compete but to dominate the marketplace beyond what competitors can even comprehend, I’m 100% against following the “industry leader” or the competitors because most the time they don’t even have a clue of what they are doing. Everything I do is fully custom and targeted for each one of these businesses audience, I always do a customer and marketing research (on my customer’s customers profile) in order to make the best decision when building a website or a marketing campaign,

Warren Buffet Says: “The more you learn, the more you earn.”

I hope you enjoy this quick read and apply these 10 things to your business’ website, if you do so, please share with me your success story by sending me an email to;, I would love to hear them out!

Please also follow me on Instagram @ijosesilvera and subscribe to my Youtube Channel at

Now let’s roll!

You Can Watch The Video Here If You Prefer That (if not just keep scrolling) ?

I have to tell you before we start, here we are not targeting to compete with other businesses in your niche, we’re trying to be the very best, to DOMINATE.

So to do that, you need to have an excellent website, high-end, top of the line. Here are some of the essential things that every great website should have, for it to help you be the very best inside your industry.


Take a look at your current website, if your website looks like five years old, ten years old or just freaking old, you have to update your website and make it look newer and modern, fresh, you have to make your visitors feel amazing and relate to your business almost in a personal way, you have to make a connection with them. There’s this persona that you have to target, your targeted audience, the perfect customer that is qualified to buy, that needs your product. And your website needs to suit this targeted audience, if for any reason these customers don’t love your website, then you are doing it wrong.

You can’t take the customer’s preferences for granted, this is all valuable data that you can use in your advantage to make them feel good and if they feel good… they pay good!

Did You Know?!
In 2017 was an award winning website, because of their easy search system and modern design.


The second thing is the visibility of your business’ information on your website; your business information has to be in some place of your website that people can always see it. 
Let’s say you have a header sticks top the top and follows you as you scroll up and down. This is called a “fixed header”. (The header is the top part of the website where the navigation menu usually is).

If you have a fixed header, you’re going to make sure that the phone number, email address or whatever contact information you have is visible all the time. You have a website because you want people to be able to reach you, get to know about your products and services, make sales and/or close deals. Your product information should be apparent at the top, and not just at the top but you should have it at the bottom too and everywhere you see it fits.

The contact information is the most important call to action element on your website, it is the most powerful because it’s makes the direct connection with the customer!

Once they dial in, you got them!


This is very important; out of all the listed things, this one is critical. If your website doesn’t look good on the phone and it sucks when viewed from mobile devices. Let me tell you that 60% or more of people that browse the internet, do it through their mobile devices now. So you have to make sure you get this thing covered and works flawlessly.

What should never happen on a mobile friendly or responsive website:

1. Side scrolling.
2. Overlapping Elements.
3. Hard to Read, lack of contrast of text and background. (will talk more about this later on).
4. Menu is too small or too big, and/or is not a toggle retractable menu.

Did You Know?!
Over three-quarters of adults in the United States own a smartphone. More than
twice the percentage back in 2011. Today, it’s impossible not to see anyone
without and Iphone or Android device.


You want to make sure that when people visit your website, your content is fresh. For instance, you are a restaurant, and you are talking about your food, you don’t want to sound boring when describing your dishes, you want to be interesting, you want people to imagine how good it tastes by just reading your content or looking at your images/videos, you want to evoke emotions and they will be like “ I want to go to this business because it sounds so fun and so delicious!”.

Intrigue them and you will get them to your door!


I think this is the most confusing of them all.

Internal links are hyperlinks or URL’s that direct the visitor to an objective page on your site.

For example, on a website, when navigating up and down through whatever you are reading, there are highlighted links that points people to click if they want more information on a subject and it will look like: “click here, read here, read more” those are internal links too, also the navigation menus, etc.

Internal Links on a site page will enable a reader/visitor to remain drew in with your site longer. This may urge them to turn into a client or adherent. These links are progressively available to readers/visitors, and they increase the authority of your website pages and your website in general. Internal Links are frequently utilized as a source of inspiration. For instance, they may incite a reader/visitor to browse or study a topic by tapping on the internal link, or, in all likelihood, request that a reader/visitor get in touch with you or schedule a visit.

For example, you were talking about this product that is amazing and how it has solved many people’s issues, or you’re talking about a service, or you’re talking about anything you can think of. You want to make sure that these people are able to keep reading and learn more.This is also very important for SEO.


Right now, more than half of the world’s population is on social media, there are over a billion active users on Facebook already, so at this point it is like everybody is using it. You want to tell everybody, “My Business is on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn! I post everywhere, and follow my people religiously, I love my folks on Instagram! Follow me!” and with this, they will keep following you and knowing about your business.

They will see all the new products and services you come up with, so is very important to put social media icons on your website and build that social media presence as well, this will make you lots of money I promise you!


 A fresh web design with visual graphics or effects creates a different kind of user experience. Cool features and an interactive website are key to keep these guys engaged and hooked to your business.

Maybe you have seen these effects before. When you are scrolling down, you start to see new elements coming from oneside or the other, and then come together and form one sentence, or you see this effect where it looks like somebody’s typing on the screen. There is countless effects! These effects catch your eye and therefore your absolute attention! Centuries ago, when we were cavemen, we were always hunting and we were also been hunted by other predators of all sorts. So this instincts are still inside of us.

So what are you going to do with this?

Well you can have a call to action button, for example “shop now” after you talked about your product, you say some little things briefly about it and when they scroll down, the button comes up with a smooth and nice movement, then now you make them aware of the button and that button wasn’t there before, now is there and it is big and it is red or something like that, this catches their eye immediately!

This is an amazing tool to converting people into buyers!

But Shh Don’t spread it!


If you are one of those businesses that your business card is green, then you have your website and it is yellow, and then you also have these flyers and they’re freaking blue with orange… or the epic one, you have like three different logos…

Or whatever crazy thing you are currently doing. Honestly, when I think I have seen it all, bang! There’s always someone that breaks a new record on this.
JUST STOP! You’re not creating a brand; you are killing it.

You need to establish a brand. You need to have a standard and maintain that standard forever and if you haven’t yet, do it right now.

Have these standards, and you always use them nonstop, have consistency with your logo, shirts, website, stickers, colors, flyers, etc.

If you get a billboard, and the billboard is yellow. Then they go to your website and your website is also yellow, and your logo is the same than the one they saw on your billboard, they will know it is the same company and that it is a professional, reputable business that is consistent with their branding. And this my friends, believe it or not, creates trust on your business. And trust is VITAL!

As a business owner you should know this, and you have to start creating consistency for your audience and/or your customer base, look at Coca-Cola, Nike, Disney and all these big names. Disney, has this Castle, Nike has the check mark, and they have stayed consistent forever on their style and branding.

So this is very important guys. You should always repeat and repeat, you brainwash them with your brand, they will trust you and eventually they will buy from you for sure.

Did You Know?!
It takes 5 to 7 impressions for people to remember a brand, color improves brand recognition by up to 80% and presenting a brand consistently across all platforms can increase revenue by up to 23%.


This is something that governmental websites just can’t get right, I mean seriously, they have too many things going on. They have all these forms, all these crazy menus that are like endless trees. I suggest you to go to one of these and then you will have the perfect example of what it is that you should never do.

Well getting started with the easy menu is very simple, it can be a sidebar or at the top, even at the bottom but you have to make sure it looks good and it is not confusing. You want even a kid to be able to use it effectively!

The navigation menu has to be easy to use and easy to understand, like for instance, if you click on services, you want the services to show up. And not like, you hover on services and then there is like twenty different services and within each single service, there is like 12 more…

This is the perfect formula to lose all your customers and pass them to your next door competitor almost instantly.

You don’t want that happening on your website, so you need to stop that from happening. (and it might be happening by the time you are reading this and… ups it just happened two times more, you better fix this fast.)

It is better if you create a services tab, and then you show them your main services, so when they click the one they need, they see the different options on the same service.

For Example: Make one for “moving”, and another one for “repair” and “paint”. Visitors will click the one they need, then you distribute that into different types of “moves” or on “paint” you show them all the different colors of paints they can choose from and so on and so forth, you should get the point.

That way it will be easy for them to find what they want step by step.

But if you put everything on the menu, you’re going to confuse people.

So make as easy as possible.

It is fine if they have to look a little bit further on the website by clicking 2 times, than getting confused right off the bat when navigating the main menu, this can be a huge turn-off, you know people are lazy and they want it all stupidly simple.

You don’t want to scare the people that go to your website, and if they go and they are like: “Man, I don’t understand this!”, they will most likely just quit and leave the website because they can’t even browse around. Then all those advertisement dollars you spent will be worthless and you will be better of just lighthing them on fire and dancing around or burning some marshmallows. (BTW, I’ve heard the $100 bills are the best because they last longer when on fire… hey I’m just saying!)

Warren Buffet Says: “Rule #1: Never lose money. Rule #2: Never forget rule #1.”


This is the one thing that is keeping you from converting people and selling.

Getting people closed when buying from you is what really matters, you want your prospects to reach you and then service them to make a profit. (This is the truth)

This is the thing that you’re missing, call-to-action buttons or clear call to action elements on your website.

You have to make sure that you’re talking about your products or services and… Boom! You ought to tell people to buy now and close the deal right there, get their money and finish the transaction ASAP.

So just after you hit them with some good explanation about your product and create value, you go and put a freaking big, buy now, or call us, contact us button!

A lot of businesses are doing this wrong. They got great marketing and they put a lot of money into it, they get people to go to their website, then when they finally get customer’s attention on the product, they read through the text, they love the product and they are all hyped up about them. They are like: “Oh, I love this. I need this product right now!”

Then when they are ready to buy… They don’t even know where to click, they can’t even find where to buy the product, there’s nowhere to click and buy ! OH MY GOD!

There’s no buy now button. There’s no price. There’s nothing to guide them through the process. There’s just no way they can actually buy after they read about the product or service.

If you are thinking: Well they’ll have to go to the menu or look for the product page and… No, no, no, no!

You’re doing it WRONG.

You’re killing the customer’s time and you are destroying all that the previous good things you did. You’re destroying all the funnel and just because you don’t ask people to buy and this is one of the things you need to do when closing a deal.


Grant Cardone Says: “One of the biggest mistakes when closing a deal is never asking for the close.”

If you know about sales and you are reading this, you know what I am talking about and your website is your best salesman, it will work endlessly, it will never talk behind with your other employees and it will never complain.

But you need to have everything in place for it to be a an awesome salesman that will bring you lots of customers and sales.

In conclusion, this call to action button is going to get you more conversions than you will ever imagine, this button is going to be the closing technique of your website when it is going to close the deal!

You need to understand this. You gotta go for the close, you gotta close the customers. Most of your customers already know what they want and/or need. They’ve been researching about this product for six hours or more in average. And this is not BS. I’m telling you these people they know more than you when they go to your website. They have already been through 10 other websites or maybe even more!

And then they find your website. They like your product. They like everything, bang you tell them to buy now.

They freaking go and buy now, and they pay you and that’s what you want!

You want to CLOSE THE DEAL, you want to finish the transaction and take their money.

Grant Cardone Says:
“Business Owner told me, I don’t want to push products on customers.”

Grant replied: “It’s a shame you have products you don’t believe in.”


So now I’m going to give you two bonuses just for you guys!



Bonus number 1 is the loading speed of your Website.

If you have a website that loads in six seconds, 10 seconds, 20 seconds and people is like: “this thing is never-ending!”

You don’t want that to happen; actually, if you care about SEO, this thing extremely important.

Google wants you to have a website that loads in less than one second. If you achieve this time, I’m telling you you’re going to sell more, you are going to get more conversions, because you don’t want your people waiting until your website actually loads and then leave and don’t buy from you.

Does your website takes 20 seconds to load?

If it does, then you’re out of the game and they’re not gonna come back because they hate your website now. You might not have even seen the website at all.

So all the things on this book like, the modern design and all this other key points we talked about, don’t do any good to you.

You put all this effort on making it look good, but if you have a slow website, because you have a bad hosting server, you are doing things in the opposite direction.

Don’t go for bad servers, invest some money. Don’t be cheap!

Don’t be cheap on something that is going to make you thousands of dollars, tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands of dollars or maybe even Millions per month.

You know, your website is your best salesman, you have invest your money on a good server!

Also invest some money probably on a good developer that is going to optimize your website and make it super fast, this matters guys.

Now, like we talked about previously, more than 60% of people, are using their phones to browse online. Their phones are not as fast as a computer, the internet is not landline hardwired internet or maybe not even wifi. It is not the same thing as having LTE 4G 3G than having wifi, you know?

These guys they don’t even know their plan ran out of megabytes, or whatever their thing is, it is super slow.

And if your website loads Superfast on their phones, guess what… They will buy from you!

This is the first impression before the first impression, you get it?

Did You Know?!

40% of people abandon a website that takes longer than 3 seconds to load, and PageSpeed can have a direct impact on your Google and Bing ads campaign’s Quality Score which will also increase your CPC. (Cost Per Click)


I promised you two bonuses and the second one is a no brainer.

So it’s the most stupid thing you can think of, but this is something that almost everybody does wrong, like almost everybody don’t care about this thing and you let it go but this thing is everything. It is so stupid!

You have to make sure this is on check, that the text on your website is easy to read. You have to make it big you and want to make sure that there’s contrast,

For example: You have a dark background, and you have white lettering.

Not like having a dark background and a grey font…

I mean if it is going be hard for them to read it, they are going to leave because they’re going to hate it and have a bad experience on your website. They can’t read anything if they are of an older age; everything is harder for older people. You’ve got to make sure it’s big enough for them to read or else they will have a bad time reading your content.

This is also being monitored by Google believe it or not, when they send their robots to check the SEO on your website, the robot will go over your website and tell Google if there’s good contrast between your background and the text and also the other things your website is missing. You’ve got to fix this. They’ll tell 40% of people abandon a website that takes longer than 3 seconds to load, and PageSpeed can have a direct impact on your Google and Bing ads campaign’s Quality Score which will also increase your CPC. (Cost Per Click) you on the Google “” tool. (amazing tool BTW, it will tell you everything that is wrong with your website and fixing this will also help you with your SEO)

If you give your business, you’re targeting older people you got to keep that in mind and those are the little things that your competition is doing wrong.

Remember we talked about dominating not competing. You don’t want to be like the rest of the guys that are using a black background with a gray text color. You don’t want that, and that’s where you kill the competition, that way you dominate the market because you do all these little things right.


I hope you do all these tips I am giving you, because trust me, this is going to get your business from the ground up to the highest places it can possibly get to and then even more!

If you like to be at the top of the food chain and be the very best in your sector, then you need too invest some money on a website, marketing and make sure your customer service and sales team is top of the line as well.

You ought to have an amazing website, one that is perfect and on check with all these things listed on this book and even beyond that, the best very best in your industry, that way you make it clear on who is superior.

Remember that your website is the best salesman you have! And you need to make it work 24/7 for you, a well made website, will never let you down and bring you lots of sales and money to your business.

If you need any help, more tips, have any questions or would like to work with me & my team to help you get your business to the next level, just give us a call: (833) 886-2681 or send an email to and I promise to: get back to you ASAP.

Your Friend, Jose Silvera.


About Jose Silvera

Owner of Jose Strive Enterprise, youtuber, entrepeneur and author of the “10 things every great website has”, Jose Silvera Manages Over 250K in Digital Advertising a year. Recognized by Google & Bing ads high management for his uncomparable conversion rates and campaign optimization, Jose has helped many businesses all around the globe by increasing their sales by 100%+ through digital marketing and sleek website design.

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Getting A Website: What You Need To Know

by Charleen Montano April 1, 2022

So, you’re thinking of getting a website for your business.

But you’re stuck on the process of where to start, what should be things to consider, and you’re having trouble getting the best design that fits your business.

Do you really need a website? Is getting a website essential to growing a business?

Well, yes, and yes!

“Your website is one of the biggest assets your business has, it’s like a salesman that never stops and keeps your door open 24/7”

You can think of your website as the front door to your business; it provides your clients with more information about you and gives them a sense of what you offer. So, make a good impression through it by taking the time to learn about what you need to know before getting one.

Ready to dig in? 

Let’s do this.

Is video more your thing? See the video version of the post, right here:

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In this guide we will be covering the following:

What is a Website? (Most common types of Websites)

How does the website work?

Why do you need a website?

The 5 Elements to know before getting a website

How do you want your website to serve your business? (Factors to consider when getting a website)

Ready to get the most creative and catchy website?


OK, let’s start by defining it briefly.

So, what is a website exactly?

Generally, a website consists of one or more web pages as well as related content that is published on one or more servers under a common domain name.

Websites usually consist of photos, videos, and text, and contain information about a business or organization.

Examples are, and All publicly accessible websites collectively constitute the World Wide Web.

But what are the types of Websites by the way?

What kind of websites will you actually need?

There are actually dozens of different types of websites, and choosing one that is right for your business is crucial. And in order to choose the web that is right for your needs as a designer or small business owner, you need to be familiar with all the types of web pages available.

And because we care for you so much, here are the most popular type of websites you should know:

  • Business

            Basically, a business website serves to provide general information about your company or as a platform for e-commerce.

  • eCommerce

            It allows people to buy and sell physical goods, services, and digital products online rather than in a physical location. It also allows a business to accept orders, ship and handle logistics, and provide customer service.

  • Personal Blog

            This site allows people to share their experiences or information with other readers on any topic.

  • Online Portfolio

            Online portfolios (also called digital portfolios) are a digital collection of works, skills, and experiences that you have developed.

  • Online forum

            A website that facilitates the exchange of information between users about a particular topic. The forum allows for questions and answers and may be monitored to ensure that the content is appropriate.

  • Non-profit websites

            While non-profit websites do not intend to sell products or services to their visitors, they still need to convince people to donate to their cause. Charity organizations use their websites to connect with potential patrons.

  • Brochure website

                        It is a short site that contains the main information people need to know about your business. In addition to allowing uninterrupted access to information about you and providing communication with those who visit your website, the brochure website also serves as a communication tool for your customers.

Often, business uses their websites to attract leads or prospects but don’t close sales through them. Instead, the website aims to generate qualified leads and allow them to submit their information to the business, who will then contact them directly.

It should be obvious by now that the purpose of having a website is to express yourself in any way you wish.

But, let me explain it further, but briefly….


Not a techie? No worries. It is vital that you know how a website works to avoid being taken for a ride in the future.

It’s easy for anyone to understand what a website is: we click on the letters with the blue thing, we Google things, we type in the www-dot-something, then we are looking for a bunch of pictures. Websites work like that right?

To explain it further, as soon as your domain name is typed into a visitor’s browser address bar, their computer makes a request to connect to your web server. DNS looks up the server’s IP address before the request reaches the webserver.

Web servers are internet-connected computers that receive requests to display web pages. An IP address provides your computer with access to a web server.

That’s how websites work.

Don’t worry, you don’t need to understand everything to get a website. Just knowing a simple glimpse of how it works will do. You just gotta have an idea.


Now, you got an idea of what is a website and how it works. And now you are thinking, why do you need one.

Are you a small business owner? Did you just start your business and your friend told you that you need to get one?

Hmm, I like your friend.


So, if I was right then keep reading. We will help you out.


 The majority of businesses cannot survive without a web presence, so there is no reason not to have one. You can make great use of your company’s website as an effective marketing tool. The benefits outweigh the downsides.

 In fact, “81% of retail shoppers research products online buying.” GE Capital Retail Bank reports that a majority of retail consumers start their search online.

Customers would be unlikely to think of you without a website.

Therefore, if you do not have a website for your business then you are not set up for success.

 Now, you must be thinking “So, does this mean I simply need a website to gain customers and then become successful?”

 The answer is: Yes and no, my friend.

 Businesses often make the mistake of thinking that any website will do. The logic goes: If you build it, they will come. Beware! It is also better to not have a website than have a bad one.

 By getting a website, I recommend you talk to an expert about it. They can help you out with the type of website you are looking for or what may be the type of website that fits your business. Or if you have a friend that can help you out, then talk to them.

 The process of getting a website is not that as simple as “Hello, and thank you.” You need to go through all the factors to consider. Talk to someone you can trust to avoid making a mistake and regret it in the future.

Trust me, it will all be worth it!

 And because we care a lot about you so much,

 Here’s the list of things presented by Jose Silvera – Owner of the GUI Web Pro, CEO of Strive Enterprise, a website expert, digital Marketer recognized by Google, and Bing ads for training campaigns with over 100% conversion rates.



Make sure you have images that represent your business. Whether you hire a professional photographer or a friend who takes good photographs, I recommend taking your own picture. It is important to get your original picture.

Imagine visiting a website and seeing familiar Google images, the experience will make a bad impression on you and your business.

Images can be used to draw attention to your site and direct your visitor’s gaze. Using them to present information can be very beneficial. Additionally, images are a great way to draw your visitors in and engage them in your content.

 Now, you must realize that using your own pictures on your site will not only make you unique but will also help you build rapport and trust with your customers.

 Domain Name

A good way to name your website is [Businessname].com. In addition to making your website appear more professional, by having a website address such as this, you can establish a brand.

 Avoid having a website name such as  “We are the best in the market – dot-com.” — No! Please. Do you know how that sounds?

 I hope you know.

 It sounds lame, my friend. So, do me a favor. Don’t do that. Thank you.

 Remember this formula: that will do the trick.

 Text / Content

When getting a website, you should also consider getting the text before you begin. Think about what you really want to highlight such as your experiences.

Content that captures the reader’s attention can be challenging. The average website visitor will spend just a few seconds on the page before deciding what to do. To figure this out, you must also know your audience, which we will discuss later on this page, by doing so, as they are seeing what they want, they are most likely to stay longer and even engaged.


By creating an original logo for your business, you will be able to create or establish your brand. You should ensure it is creative and attractive enough to catch the attention of potential clients.

 Ensure your logo reflects your business and the services you provide.

 You can hire someone to create one for you by getting freelancers from websites such as and and of course, pays them as per their particular rate in dollars to build an awesome logo for you. Or, you can create your own if you are crafty and know how to use Photoshop.

 Now, if you have these 5 elements, you are good to go.

 Do not even begin until you have it!

 OK, So, you have those 5 things done? Now what?


 Think about…..

What is the Purpose of your website? Or what SHOULD be the purpose of your website?

                   This could be something like, “I want to have some online presence because my business is already established and I’m doing fine.” Or you just want people to glance at your design and the stuff you do, or you want to have a place you want to show your portfolio, and whatever…

Just think of the things like, what do you want a website to do for you, what do you want the website to accomplish, or why do you want a website?

Let me help you…

Understand Your Customer.

A businessman should, of course, understand their customer by doing some research and knowing who they are and what they want such as general preferences that could easily catch their interest. 

“In the business world, it doesn’t matter what you like, but what the customer likes!”

So, here is what he got to say for getting to understand your customer: Get a sheet of paper and make your customer’s profile.

 Take note: If you are a business owner, you are helping your customer’s problem. You are solving them. So, figure out what their problem is and make a solution for them.

In general: By knowing your customer’s backgrounds, you will have an idea of what they want and how to help them out. Build a rapport!

Keep in mind: Only the relevant things, you can ask them. Don’t be a stalker, it’s illegal:)

 Create an Appropriate Design.

Now, we get to the part of the design. You might want to consider how your website should look, but you have no idea what that should be like. Make sure to not make your website look like that of your competitors, or you will fall behind them. 

Making a good impression on potential customers is easier with a well-designed website. You can also nurture leads more effectively and increase conversion rates. More importantly, it provides an enjoyable user experience for your website visitors, allowing them to navigate and access it easily.

So, by getting a website you should also make a big consideration on what is your customer’s general ideal design. And going back to the last topic, you can achieve this by getting to know their preferences and how you can make it an enjoyable experience for them for visiting your website.

Remember to always think about how to keep your customers interested in your business, and don’t even consider what your competitors do to their sites.

“If you just copy the competition, they will always be ahead of you.”

Be unique and original!

Dominate the market!

Be the map, let them follow you!


 If you’ve made it this far, then looks like you can start looking for a good designer/developer.

 Great business owners aren’t born, they are made.

 Go and take the lead!

 Hey, before we say goodbye. Would like to meet the most amazing web developers that can help you with your problem in getting the right website for you?

 I know,

 I should’ve said it before, but here you go….

Contact us!

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A Quick Explanation of Web Design & Web Development

The internet is a big place, and you don’t have time to wander aimlessly through the World Wide Web. You’ve got places to go and things to do, and you need a map that shows you the way.||

That’s where web designers come in.

Web designers are architects of cyberspace. They know how to take your goals from vague ideas in your head and transform them into concrete destinations on the web.

In other words, they’re skilled navigators who can help you explore the internet and find what you’re looking for—and then some!

But how do web developers fit into all this?

What is web design and development?

The 200th search term popped into my head when I was writing this blog post. Okay, wait, that’s not true.

It’s a big deal.

What is Web Development?

“What is Web Design?” you ask. Well, it’s the process of creating websites.

“What is Web Development?” you ask again, this time with a hint of irritation that we haven’t answered your question yet (other than to tell you that web design is the process of creating websites).

Well, web development is the process of making those sites come alive and function on their own. It’s like putting together Legos or building a house from scratch—you can’t do it without the right tools and skillset! And in this case, those tools are HTML5 and CSS3—they’re what makes your website run smoothly and look pretty; they’re what help you build an awesome site for your clients (or yourself)!

What is Web Design?

Web design is the art of creating websites—as I said.

But further to that, web design is the art of making websites look pretty so that people will want to visit them. It includes things like choosing colors and fonts, deciding where to place content, and thinking about the overall user experience.

It’s a lot like building a house—you have to make sure all the plumbing works and that the walls are strong enough to support the load they’ll have to bear. But instead of using wood, brick, and stone, you’re using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript to build your sites.

The 5 Main Types of Web Design

Web design is not a one-size-fits-all deal, and there are five main types of websites to choose from:


Static web design is essentially what you’re thinking of when you think, “I want a website!” You give the designer your content, and they put together a beautiful layout for you, but there’s no interactivity at all. It’s just a pretty picture that people can look at and maybe even bookmark or share on social media if they really love it.


Dynamic web design adds interactivity to static pages. These sites might have drop-down menus, pop-ups, or other tricks that make them more appealing than plain old static sites. Dynamic sites generally use some kind of programming language like PHP or JavaScript, which makes them dynamic in nature because they can change based on user input (or without user input).

A good example would be an online store where customers can add items to their carts and check out using shopping cart software built into the site itself rather than having everything hosted by Amazon or another third-party service provider!


Interactive websites take things even further with games, quizzes, and activities that allow users to engage directly with your brand’s personality! They may also incorporate elements like video clips or images instead of simple text links, as well as unique navigation patterns like scrolling rather than clicking through links on long pages with multiple sub-sections within them (think Facebook!).


Responsive website is one that automatically adapts to the size of the device it’s being viewed on. The site looks good no matter what, whether it’s being viewed on a desktop computer, tablet, or smartphone.

Responsive web design is all about making sure that your website looks as good on mobile devices as it does on desktops. It’s an important part of any successful web strategy because more people are browsing the internet on their phones than ever before.


Hybrid web design is the combination of two or more designs to create a unique and cohesive look. This is not to be confused with a hybrid application, which is something that runs on multiple platforms.

Hybrid web design should not be confused with responsive web design either.

Responsive web design is when a website automatically adapts its layout based on the screen size of the device being used to view it.

A good example of a hybrid web design would be one that uses both flat and skeuomorphic elements in its design. For example, suppose you were designing an e-commerce site for women’s clothing and wanted to keep it clean and modern. In that case, you could use flat icons for navigation buttons but have a few skeuomorphic details like drop shadows or gradients on buttons that actually do something like “Add To Cart.”

The 4 Main Types of Web Development


Front-end development is the process of building user interfaces and providing users with an interface that allows them to interact with a website or application. Front-end developers are responsible for creating websites and applications that are visually appealing and that work properly across different devices, platforms, browsers, and operating systems.


This type of software does not need to be visible to users. It is something that works behind the scenes and helps with creating a website. The best example is when you are looking for something on Google. You type in your keywords, and then you get results from different websites on the internet. This is all done by back-end software.


Mobile development is the process of developing a mobile application for mobile devices, such as smartphones and tablet computers. Mobile applications often stand in contrast to desktop applications that run on desktop computers since the feature sets, usability, and design of mobile applications are often more constrained than those of desktop software. Mobile applications frequently utilize touchscreen input (e.g., swiping, tapping) and accelerometer and geolocation sensor input methods, which are features of many modern smartphones.

The rapid adoption of smartphones has led to a significant shift in the way users access services on the Internet and interact with one another socially. This shift has extended to business activities as well, where it is becoming increasingly common for employees to use their own mobile devices in lieu of traditional desktop computers while at work.


Full-stack development is the activity of developing an entire application.

It involves building both the front-end and the back-end of an application, as well as coding for all aspects of it, such as the database or its security features.

Full-stack developers are often well-rounded programmers who are able to work on every part of a project, rather than specialize in one particular area.

Web Developer vs. Web Designer: What’s the Difference?

You may be wondering, “What exactly is the difference between a web designer and a web developer?”

Well, let me explain.

A web designer is responsible for the look and feel of a website—the colors, fonts, images, etc.—while the developer creates the code that makes it work. A good developer will have some design skills (for example: understanding how to use HTML/CSS), but this isn’t mandatory; you can always hire someone else as your designer if you don’t want to learn it yourself. The opposite applies too: many designers have no coding knowledge whatsoever!

You see where I’m going with this? There’s no need for it to split hairs about who does what in the field; they’re all just people who love working on websites together.


Essentially, web design is the art of making websites look good. Web development is the science of making websites work. They’re two sides of the same coin—you can have one without the other, and it wouldn’t be a very good website, but together they are what make up a cohesive whole when it comes to making websites, you need both.

What Does Web Design Agency Do?

A web design agency builds websites.

But wait, what does that mean?

A web design agency creates the look, feel, and function of your website—the whole package. They’ll work with you to develop a website that reflects your brand and serves its purpose: telling people who you are and why they should buy from you.

Web design agencies use their skills in graphic design to create clean, beautiful interfaces for your website. They also know how to build websites that are optimized for mobile devices so that anyone can access your site on any device at any time.

A web design agency can make your website into something that you can be proud of—something that will make your business stand out from the crowd.

Or in the simplest words, a web design agency does all the things you wish you could do yourself but don’t have the time or energy to.

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8 Ways To Use Images More Effectively In Your Site Design

by Charleen Montano June 7, 2022

Websites are like a box of chocolates: you never know what you’re going to get. Sometimes they’re filled with images that make your eyes bleed. Sometimes they have pictures that look like they were taken by a drunk chimpanzee with a cell phone in your pocket– I’m looking at you, Instagram…

Disclaimer: I’m not good at taking pictures either 🙂 But hey! I’m good at this, don’t worry.

Anyways, how can website creators be sure their sites aren’t the bad ones? By using this simple checklist for finding, choosing, and using images that will make people hungry for more!


It’s the internet — we are completely surrounded by images. Whether it’s a meme that was shared on Facebook, images in news articles showing what is going on in the world, or an enormous product photo on a website that proves to you that yes, this object might fit inside your house… Images matter.

They’re everywhere on the internet and they can be a huge asset to your website if used effectively. Wondering how to use them effectively? Let me break it down for you.

Find the Right Images

Using the right image can be a powerful tool, whether you’re trying to communicate a message or simply enhance your website’s look and feel. But finding the right image can be a challenge.

There are two main things to consider when choosing an image: what it looks like and how it’s used. The first is easy enough but the second is more complex because it involves matching an image with its context.

Tips for making sure that happens: Don’t assume that every image will work well in every situation. Images are more flexible than text, but they still have limits. A photo of a puppy might work well on a social media site where users want to express their affection for animals, but it probably wouldn’t be appropriate for an article about business ethics!

The first thing you need to consider when using images is who your target audience is. This will help you decide what kind of image you want to use. For example, if you are selling a product aimed at women, you will want to use an image of a beautiful woman wearing your product.

 Don’t Overdo It

If you’re going to use images, make sure they support your message. Don’t use them to replace it; that’s not their purpose. Images are meant to aid understanding, not distract from it. If you’re using an image of a person or animal and there isn’t anything particularly unusual about them (such as their age or ethnicity), don’t put a caption on top of the image that says something like “This is a man.” Instead, let the reader figure out what gender this person is from context clues such as how they were dressed and what kind of situation the photo was taken in (for example: “This is Sam from his wedding day”).

The same goes for color-blindness: if you can’t tell by looking at someone whether they’re male or female, don’t assume everyone else can either! Use gender-neutral language whenever possible. This will help ensure that all readers can understand what’s being said without needing any special instructions first—and that includes those who may be new readers themselves!

 Pay Attention to File Formats

File formats are simply the way in which information is stored on your computer or mobile device. You may have heard of some of them (like JPEGs and GIFs) but others may be unfamiliar to you.  

Images come in different file formats such as JPEG, TIFF, BMP, PNG, etc. Each format has its own advantages and disadvantages. For example, JPEGs offer good compression but may cause image artifacts when resized or processed in some editing programs. On the other hand, PNG files are better suited for transparency effects than JPEGs but can’t be compressed as much as JPEGs.

What makes an image optimized?

When it comes to images, “optimization” refers to how they’re displayed on your site – including size, resolution, and color depth (also known as bitmap). Each type of file format has different characteristics that impact how effectively it can be used for certain purposes.

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The file format you choose is a very important decision because some formats are more suitable for certain uses than others. For example, there’s no point using a JPEG image for your website when GIFs will do the job just fine. To find out what format to use, you’ll want to consider each of these questions:

  • What file size do I need?
  • Does it have to be in a specific format?
  • Is there anything else about this particular image that matters?

 Use Strong Clear Images

 A strong, clear image can be used to a website’s advantage in a number of ways.

First, it can help your audience understand what you’re talking about. If they see an image that’s similar to what they’re looking for, they’ll know that they’ve found it. This also applies to search engines like Google. If an image is clear and easily deciphered, Google will be able to find it and use it as a way to help bring users back to your site again and again—which means more traffic!

Second, if you use strong images to connect with your audience on an emotional level, they’ll feel like they know you better than if you only relied on text alone. This can be especially helpful when trying to sell an idea or convince someone of something; if the person feels like he knows you well enough through your writing style (and also through how clearly everything is presented), it’s much easier for him to trust you!

Finally, using strong images can help build trust between two people who haven’t met yet. For example: if I’m interviewing someone for my podcast but we haven’t met yet, I might send them a link so we can Skype together before our recording session begins—and if there’s a clear picture of everything then we can build trust with each other through that conversation alone.

Choose Images That Work Together

There are many ways to use images that work together on a website.

You can choose an image for the header and then use other images that relate to that same concept for the body of your page.

You can also choose one main concept for your site, like “eco-friendly” or “green” and then use different images that all fit into that theme.

You can even match an image to the text on the page. For example, if you have a paragraph about recycling, you might choose an image of someone recycling bottles or cans in their backyard.

 Optimize for Mobile Devices

Although it’s a little-known fact, optimizing images for mobile devices can be used effectively on a website.

Mobile devices have changed the way people use the internet. More than 50% of the traffic on most websites comes from mobile devices. The problem is that most websites are not designed to work well on these devices.

The main reason for this is that they are optimized for desktop screens and not mobile ones. This means that the images on websites don’t display properly or load slowly.

Optimizing images for mobile devices helps to use them effectively on Websites. It reduces their size and makes them easier to load. This allows users to access your website quickly and easily regardless of what device they’re using.

There are several ways you can optimize images for mobile devices:

  • Using a service like TinyPNG or JPEGmini will compress your photos so they take up less space and load faster across all platforms including desktops, smartphones, tablets, etc.
  • Reducing file sizes by resizing images down before uploading them so they don’t take up too much space on your server (or disk space if you’re using a CDN). You can also reduce file sizes by reducing the quality of an image (although this shouldn’t be done without careful consideration as it may cause artifacts in photos).

Consider Accessibility and Diversity

Accessibility and diversity are two of the most important elements to consider when creating a website.

Accessibility is the ability for people to navigate your site easily. It’s also about making sure that your content is available to everyone, regardless of their abilities. In terms of diversity, it means that you’re trying to make your site appeal to as many people as possible—whether or not they’re male or female, old or young, from a specific region or country, etc.

When you consider these two elements together, you’ll have an online presence that is more accessible and diverse than ever before!

Keep It Real

How keeping images real helps use them effectively on Websites

The best way to use images in a website is to keep them real.

There are many reasons why you should use real images and not stock photos, such as:

Real images are more attractive and engaging.

The most important reason is that people are drawn to real things, not to models or computer-generated graphics. Real images attract attention with their natural beauty and draw the viewer’s eye to the page. The viewer can see what the image is about and connect with it because he can relate to real objects or people much better than to abstract ones that have been produced by a computer program.

Real images increase credibility and trust.

People tend to trust websites that use real images more than those that use stock photos because they know that the website owner has invested time and money into making sure his business is represented well online. If he was willing to go through all of this effort just to make his website look good then it must be worth something! This creates a sense of credibility and trust which allows users to feel safe when buying whatever product or service you’re offering online

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Images are an important part of web design. Use them wisely!

In the digital world, images are a key part of web design. They can help you convey a message, make your website more attractive, and even create a better user experience (and yes, they’re also great at making websites memorable).

To use images effectively in your designs, follow these tips:

  • Use high-quality photos when possible. If someone visits your site and sees poor quality pictures—or worse yet no pictures at all—they might think your business is cheap or disorganized. When choosing images for your site it’s important to keep this in mind!
  • Be selective about where you place them on the page; don’t just throw them around randomly or place too many together in one area (this could upset visitors who find it overwhelming). This tip is especially true when working with multiple columns as well because this can cause confusion among visitors who may not know how many columns exist on each side of their screen!


After all, a picture is worth more than a thousand words. Or at least I think that’s the saying. I’ve never actually counted the words in an image. But if you have any questions about images or design in general, feel free to reach out to us here at Strive Enterprise or leave your comment below and we’ll be happy to answer them for you!

We wish you great success!

See you soon!

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