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As a savvy business owner in the vibrant city of New York, you recognize the paramount importance of a powerful online presence in today's world. That's why we are thrilled to introduce our new initiative, specifically designed to assist you in creating an exceptional website and establishing a remarkable online presence that guarantees success, all with zero risk.

As a savvy business owner in the vibrant city of New York, you recognize the paramount importance of a powerful online presence in today's world. That's why we are thrilled to introduce our new initiative, specifically designed to assist you in creating an exceptional website and establishing a remarkable online presence that guarantees success, all with zero risk. Text website

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Elevate Your Business with Confidence! Harness the Expertise of New York City's Finest Web Designers

In today’s digital age, customers demand instant access to online product/service previews and reviews, all at their fingertips. Thanks to the vast power of the internet and platforms like Google, comparing companies has become effortless. The question is: Do you want to be their top choice? Are you visible online?

Get Your Website Starting at ONLY $99

Trust plays a vital role in the customer's purchasing decision. If customers lack trust in the company, its employees, or the products/services offered, they are unlikely to make a purchase. Therefore, it is essential for businesses to foster an environment of trust in order to achieve long-term success.


  • Higher Conversions: Websites fine-tuned for affluent clients can lift conversions by up to 35%. For a business generating $5M annually, that’s a potential increase of $1.75M in revenue.

  • How We Exploit This: Strive Enterprise designs with precision, ensuring elements appeal specifically to high net-worth clientele, leading to higher conversion rates.

  • Credibility Boost: 75% of users make credibility judgments based on website design. This directly affects the trust factor, which can be a significant revenue driver.

  • How We Exploit This: Our design team focuses on building an authoritative and trustworthy online presence, making sure visitors associate your brand with excellence and reliability.


Ensure you’re not left in the shadows of design trends. Command the spotlight with a website that exudes authority, trust, and responsive web design to outshine all your competitors.

Find out why Strive Enterprise is right for you.


  • Personalized Client Portal: Strive offers an exclusive client portal for seamless communication and real-time project tracking.
  • Tailored Solutions: Comprehensive business questionnaires ensure each project is uniquely aligned with your distinguished business needs.
  • Expertise in Both Custom and Limited Edition: Whether you desire a bespoke design or a Limited Edition template, Strive’s team of expert designers and programmers are adept at catering to elite preferences.
  • Feedback-Centric Process: At every stage, from mock-up presentations to test server reviews, Strive emphasizes your feedback, ensuring your elite brand’s image is perfectly represented.
  • Quality Assurance: Rigorous revisions, quality controls, and client reviews guarantee a website befitting the standards of high-end businesses.
  • Dedicated Support for Elite Brands: Strive Enterprise offers dedicated account managers for high net-worth clients, ensuring personalized attention and prioritized service.
  • Confidentiality and Security: Understanding the sensitivity of high-profile businesses, Strive employs top-tier security measures to protect your digital assets and information.
  • Market Dominance Strategy: With a focus on outperforming competitors, Strive’s approach ensures your business not only leads in web presence but also in market dominance.
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As the premier web design company in the bustling hub of New York City, we take pride in delivering award-winning websites while maintaining open lines of communication throughout the web development process.

We understand the importance of catering to your unique business needs, which is why our team will carefully analyze them to ensure exceptional results. Gain exclusive access to our client portal, keeping you informed and involved at every step. Stay connected through email and text notifications, and rest easy knowing our live customer support is here to assist you whenever you need.

Our dedicated Quality Control team meticulously reviews every aspect of your website, from its texts to its design and functionality, ensuring that it exceeds the expectations of your target audience and customers.

With us, your online success is our utmost priority.


At our qualified web design company in New York City, we have assembled a team of industry experts, including web designers, web developers, graphic designers, copywriters, and project managers.

Together, we craft captivating websites that engage your target audience and drive your business forward. Our commitment is to deliver the finest website design solutions for businesses of all kinds.

With our award-winning team, we place great emphasis on understanding your business goals and identifying the most suitable products and services to ensure your success.

We create websites that resonate with your target market, prioritizing user-friendliness, visual appeal, and accessibility.

Moreover, we offer ongoing support to maintain your website's attractiveness and relevance to ensure it remains attractive and relevant in a rapidly evolving digital landscape.

Our ultimate aim is to accelerate your results by implementing effective digital marketing strategies and utilizing search engine optimization techniques. We want your website to generate tangible outcomes for your business swiftly and efficiently.


Image Faqs Website Design

Depending on the project it could take from 1.5 weeks up to 2+ months.

The payment can be in many ways, full payment, or the first half before the project starts and then the other half before we launch it, or you can do a down payment and then make payments for up to 6 months (other terms apply for this).

A custom website, is a website that is designed from scratch and then hand coded by us (unlike most websites that are made by using pre-designed templates and/or drag and drop systems), we design our websites to be tailored specially for your customers and industry, also our websites are the fastest and most reliable on the market.

One of our specialists will call you or will do a personal visit (if in Las Vegas, NV) Wordpress is the leader and the most used CMS (content management system) on the market, it's like your website's operating system. Wordpress will allow you to manage and make changes to your website, literally anyone can learn how to use it.

An E-commerce Website is a website that allows you to sell your products and services online from start to finish and even recollect customer's money without moving a finger! Pretty cool right?!

We give our clients a certification stating that the website they received was custom designed and developed by us, following Jose Silvera's highest website design standards and practices.

Give us a call at the (702) 637-4222 , we can do almost any custom order.

During design & development time (not after) you will have multiple chances to ask us for slight changes and additions. **These revisions can't be huge changes that involve a complete re-design or a major un-planned functionality on the website.

a) If your targeted best clients don't like your website, we will make changes until they do, if not, we will take the website back and give you your money back 100% Guaranteed up to 365 days after you make the first payment. b) If customer fails to make their monthly payments on time, Strive Enterprise reserves the right of canceling their 1 Year money back guarantee.

*Only for $999 Websites and Above* a) Payment Terms: 1st Payment of 35% to start then remaining balance will be divided to be paid in 6 months. MONTHLY PAYMENTS WILL BE SET ON AUTOPAY WITH A CREDIT/DEBIT CARD ON FILE. b) Strive Enterprise will be the owner of the Website until the final payment of the invoice is done. c) If client fails to make monthly payments, the website will be taken down until customer pays what's owed to the date. d) Customer must cover their hosting and domain fees while making the payments and after project is fully paid. Monthly hosting fees will be charged on autopay by Strive Enterprise to the customer's card on file. e) Once customer pays off the whole balance owed, Strive Enterprise will transfer full ownership of the website to the client. f) Customer will have access to make changes and managing their website while making payments. g) All sales/revenue created on the website will be property of the customer as well as the responsibility with their own sales and transactions. STRIVE ENTERPRISE IS NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR ANY REFUNDS FROM THE CUSTOMER CLIENTS ON THEIR WEBSITE. h) All Customer's data collected by the website will be owned and can be managed by the customer. Strive Enterprise is not responsible for any of this information either. i) If customer fails to make the monthly payments for 3 months in a row, Strive Enterprise will sell the bill to a collections agency and we won't be responsible for their project anymore. *This might affect your business and personal credit.

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